Jonathan Stein is an emerging illustrative portraitist, mixed media fine artist and filmmaker living and working in South Florida.

Driven by conceptual art and a need to explore cinematic narratives, his work is deeply rooted in meaning and layered in context. Often Stein utilizes tongue in cheek play on words to satirize the severity of a crucial issue. This has earned him the title of “Pop Artist With a Message”. Unabashedly he confronts and illuminates issues of social and political injustices while making one chuckle and think in the process.

Stein himself says: “The ideas dictate the medium I work in. Whether it isclay, photography, macramé, or chocolate, it starts with a concept and from that point I am off. Even if I have never worked with a medium, I will forge forward until I have fully expressed the idea circling around my head”.

Since graduating with a BFA from Boston University, Jonathan furthers his artistic studies and received Best Photographic Portfolio 2004 from the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale.

Jonathan Stein’s work has been displayed in New York, Boston and throughout South Florida. Fairly new to Miami’s art scene, Stein is always on hand to collaborate and strengthen bonds community at large. He is currently gearing up for two major shows within Miami’s coveted Wynwood Art District. Having worked closely with The Palm Beach Post, Jonathan shoots editorial and advertising freelance assignments as well as personal commissioned art for interested collectors. Jonathan welcomes any and all comments or questions you may have.

“In my mind’s eye ...

EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE” ~Jonathan Stein with local galleries and the art

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